Triumph Brewing Company


Triumph Brewing Company

400 Union Square

New Hope PA 18938

(215) 862-8300


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Open 11:30am


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Berliner Weisse Berliner Weisse: A slightly tart German- inspired ale brewed with white wheat and lime zest; a refreshing beer with a twist (get it?) 4.5% ABV
Amber Ale Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 5.2% ABV
Schwarzbier What's that? You don't like dark beers? This traditional German "black beer" will change your mind. All the elements of a crisp, light lager combined with subtle dark, roasted notes. 5.1% ABV
Imperial Stout To appeal to the hard drinking populace of Czarist Russia, English brewers developed this very strong & rich beer. Black and viscous, and heavily hopped. 8.6% ABV
Bengal Gold IPA Our familiar Bengal Gold has been made with a single hop variety: Amarillo. It’s a medium-high alpha American variety with a pungent and resiny quality. Aggressive but refreshing. 6.6% ABV
Belgian Dubbel The sweet, malty aromas in our Belgian Dubbel derive their complexity from imported dark Belgian candi sugar and caramel malts. 7.4% ABV
Best Bitter (hand pump) This naturally-conditioned bitter in the Burton-on-Trent style brings you the authentic flavor of an English pub; finished and dispensed in the traditional British style. 5.2% ABV
Blackstrap Porter The dark roastiness of molasses is combined with the bright spiciness of clove and ginger to make this a well-balanced and delicious cold-weather brew. 6.2% ABV

If you would like your band to play here, please email the following to

In the subject line put your band name. In your email please include your full name, your phone number, a link to your website, Facebook page, and one or two YouTube videos. If you do not get a response after a day or two, please do not send another email. Please do not call. Please do not drop off your CD or press kit.  Give us a chance to check out your band. If you haven’t received a response after a few weeks, then feel free to send another email.

Music & Events Calendar

Download the full schedule of all May Music and Events here! Music Calendar May 2016

Fooling April

Friday, May 6th @ 10pm
$5 Cover

fooling april 5:6

Midnight Flyer

Saturday, May 7th

Midnight Flyer 5:7

Jeremiah Tall

Saturday, May 7th

Jeremiah Tall 5:7

Former Belle

Saturday, May 7th
@ 11pm

Former Belle 5:7

The Lawsuits

Saturday, May 7th
@ 11:59pm

Lawsuits 5:7

Open Jam

Sunday, May 8th