Triumph Brewing Company


Triumph Brewing Company

400 Union Square

New Hope PA 18938

(215) 862-8300


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Open 11:30am


Open Noon

Hefeweizen Made from a 50% wheat mash and fermented with a special strain of yeast, its complex flavor, with notes of clove, banana and smoke, is unique in the world of beer. 4.9% ABV
Amber Ale Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Nugget hops. 5.2% ABV
Vienna Lager Originating in 19th century Austria, this style of amber lager has become a regional favorite. Toasty malt flavors are accentuated by noble hops in a medium-bodied beer. 5.2% ABV
Irish Dry Stout Roasted barley gives it a toasted, nutty flavor. Dispensed in authentic Irish fashion to bring you some of the creamiest, smoothest stout this side of Dublin. 4.8% ABV
Bengal Gold IPA The hefty alcohol content and generous hopping rate once needed to keep beer fresh on the long voyage to India gave rise to this style. 6.6% ABV
Dunkelweizen Dunkelweizen is a light bodied easy drinking wheat beer. It features a lightly roasted malt flavor balanced by banana and clove aromas provided by the yeast. 4.5% ABV
The Forager (hand pump) Fresh spruce tips, honey, molasses, cinnamon, cherry bark & burdock all inspire this beer's name. It is also with caramel, rye, smoked, oats and chocolate malts. 5.7% ABV

If you would like your band to play here, please email the following to

In the subject line put your band name. In your email please include your full name, your phone number, a link to your website, Facebook page, and one or two YouTube videos. If you do not get a response after a day or two, please do not send another email. Please do not call. Please do not drop off your CD or press kit. ¬†Give us a chance to check out your band. If you haven’t received a response after a few weeks, then feel free to send another email.


Sunday, August 2nd 7-10pm

Sign up at the host stand.

Open Jam 8.2

Friday, August 7th 10pm $5 cover

Levee Drivers 8.7

Saturday, August 8th 10pm $5 cover

Karikatura 8.8

Sunday, August 9th 6:30pm

Sign up at host stand.
Open Jam 8.9

Wednesday, August 12th 9pm

Free Show!


Friday, August 14th 10pm $5 cover

with special guest Upperfields

The Yetis

Saturday, August 15th 10pm $5 cover

Ceramic Animal

Sunday, August 16th 6:30pm

Sign up at host stand.

Open Jam 8.16

Wednesday, August 19th 9pm

Free Show!

Blue Eyed Bettys 8.19

Closed for a Private Event

Friday, August 21st starting @3pm

Closed 8.21


Saturday, August 22nd 10pm $5 cover


Sunday, August 23rd 6:30pm

Sign up at host stand.

Open Jam 8.23

Thursday, August 27th 10pm

Free Show!

Holy Ghost Tent 7.27

Friday, August 28th 10pm $5 cover

Porch 40 8.28

Saturday, August 29th 10pm $5 cover
with Quimby Mountain Band

MR Revelator 8.29

Sunday, August 30th 6:30pm

Sign up at host stand.

Open Jam 8.30