Triumph Brewing Company


Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company

138 Nassau Street

Princeton NJ 08542

(609) 924-7855


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Open 11:30 am


Open noon


American Pale Ale 4.1% Brewed entirely with Nugget hops, an American variety with subtle floral characteristics.
Amber Ale 5.1% Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 5.2% ABV.
Vienna Lager 4.5% From its origin in 19th century Austria, this style of amber lager has become a regional favorite in Mexico and Texas. Toasty malt flavors are accentuated by European noble hops in a medium-bodied beer.
Porter 5.7% Although porter was immensely popular in nineteenth century London, there came a time when the style was nearly forgotten. Ours is a smooth dark session beer that you will always remember.
Bengal Gold IPA 7.1% Our well-balanced flagship IPA. Hoppy but not too bitter, rounded out by a malty foundation.
Ginger Beer 4.7% Pale malt, Blue Moon Acres ginger, zested lemon, vanilla bean, and a dash of red pepper flake.
Nutt's Brown Ale 4.6% Unfiltered “real ale” finished and dispensed in the traditional British style, served at cellar temperature. This easy-drinking British style gets its nutty flavor from the dark, roasted malts used.
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