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Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company

138 Nassau Street

Princeton NJ 08542

(609) 924-7855


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Open 11am


Summer Blonde 5.6% Citrusy hops from the Pacific-Northwest combined with German malt serves as a tasty transition from spring to summer.
Amber Ale 5.4% Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops.
Munich Dunkel 4.0% Long ago in Bavaria, they made two kinds of beer: helles (pale) and dunkel (dark). If you think all dark beers are roasty and rough, you’re in for a surprise. Bottom fermentation and extended lagering smooth out the rough edges so that anyone can slam dunkel.
Brunch Stout 8.1% It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a stout and much, much more. Oatmeal, coffee (provided by our friends at small world), milk sugar, and chocolate, all in imperial proportions. So big and rich, it’s like two meals in a glass.
Zythos IPA 7.0% This batch of our familiar Bengal Gold has been made with a single hop variety from start to finish, namely Zythos. Zythos is the Greek word for beer, and has distinct citrus and tropical tones.
Abbey Trippel 8.0% Belgian ales are famous for their complex avor, incorporating fruity esters, phenols, and higher alcohols. Our Trippel is a strong, somewhat sweet beer fermented with Trappist Ale yeast. Served un ltered.
Brown Tiger IBA (handpump) 6.5% Combine the alcoholic strength and aggressive hopping of an IPA with the rich toasty malt flavors of a brown ale and you get India Brown Ale or IBA. It may be beautiful but be careful: this tiger can bite!
First Wednesday Barrel Tapping

Join us on the actual first day of June as we tap a barrel of one of our upcoming styles!


Brewers will be on site to answer any beer or  brewing questions.

Father’s Day

Free Brew Tours with our Brewer!  Special Father’s Day Menu.


Tours will run from 11am-3pm, and will take place every hour.  Maximum of 15 people per tour.


Call ahead to reserve your spot (609) 924-7855.