Triumph Brewing Company


Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company

138 Nassau Street

Princeton NJ 08542

(609) 924-7855


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Open 11am



Hefeweizen Made from a 50% wheat mash and fermented with a special strain of yeast, its complex flavor, with notes of clove, banana and smoke, is unique in the world of beer.
Amber Ale Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops.
Roggenbier It’s a lager brewed with a blend of German Rye, Munich, Pilsner and Rach Malz.
Irish Dry Stout A tribute to the dry stouts of Dublin, roasted barley gives it a toasted, nutty flavor.
Bengal Gold IPA The hefty alcohol content and generous hopping rate once needed to keep beer fresh on the long voyage to India gave rise to this style.
Saison In the Franco-Belgian family of beers, Saison may be thought of as a close relative to Biere de Garde. It boasts a complex flavor supplemented by the use of Carousel Farm lavender and wildflower honey from Bob’s Busy Bees.
Bitter Naturally-conditioned in the Burton-on-Trent style brings you the authentic flavor of an English pub.
Red Flanders While not sour like a traditional Flemish red, we still think this beer is okely-dokely. It's full of roasted malt flavor, fermented with our Belgian yeast, and served in a left-handed glass.

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Cheese and Beer Pairing!

We are now featuring 4 local cheeses paired with 4 of our own craft beers.