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Triumph Brewing Company

138 Nassau Street

Princeton NJ 08542

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Kolsch Made famous by the brewpubs of Cologne in Western Germany, Kolsch is something of a hybrid style combining the crisp dryness of a lager with the fruity aroma of an ale.
Amber Ale Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops.
Oktoberfest Old time brewers in Germany made a malty high gravity beer in March (Maerzen) they consumed in a fall ceremony. A royal betrothal in 1810 gave justification to the 2 week long celebration known as Oktoberfest.
Baltic Porter English brewers upped the malt, hops, and alcohol so the beer could survive the long journey to Russia. This gave rise to Baltic (Russian or Imperial) Porter, whose robust flavor is still popular today.
Bengal Gold IPA The hefty alcohol content and generous hopping rate once needed to keep beer fresh on the long voyage to India gave rise to this style.
Gose Say go-zeh. This unusual style of German wheat beer from the area near Leipzig deserves to be better known. Cousin to hefeweizen, it is finished with coriander and salt, with a slight acidic tang.
Pale Ale This traditional British-style ale is the IPA's easy-drinking little brother. Ahtanum hops give it a soft, citrusy flavor.

Join us on the night before Thanksgiving for the “unofficial high school reunion night”.

Live entertainment by DJ Mass starting at 9:30pm.

MLB Baseball Specials

Specials available during all Yankees, Phillies, and Mets day games.

$3 pints

$2 foot longs

Email for more information.

Burger of the Day

Ask your server or bartender for our featured Burger of the Day.