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What's on Tap

Mosaic Pale Ale

Mosaic hops are known for their ability to produce intensely bitter IPAs, while lending a nose of mango, blueberry and fresh pine. We used pilsner malt, a few scoops of caramel malt, and a light dose of mosaic hops. ABV 5.9%

Amber Ale

Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet, malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 5.2% ABV


Pale, smokey German lager made with imported beech wood smoked malt. 5.5% ABV

Robust Porter

Rolled oats, pale malt and black malt construct a robust foundation for this full-body ale. 6.3% ABV

Bengal Gold IPA

Our well-balanced house IPA. Hoppy but not too bitter, rounded out by a malty foundation. 7.0% ABV

Holiday Ale

This high alcohol, American-style ale receives a generous dose of hops to match its bold, malty flavor. 7.2% ABV

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