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Triumph Farm Dinner - January 2019 Triumph Farm Dinner - January 2019
Triumph Farm Dinner - January 2019

Triumph Farm Dinner

This gathering celebrates local agriculture, harvest-inspired menus and the community fostered and enriched when we come together to share our passion, stories, ideas and values.

Blue Moon Acres
While many things have changed over the years since its founding in 1992, the goal of its owners, Jim and Kathy Lyons, has remained constant: to grow crops in a manner that produces nutrient-rich foods. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, hericides or GMOs have ever been used on their crops. Healthy soil = healthy crops = healthy people = health ecology.

Fulper Family Farmstead
The Fulper Family sees the importance of educating consumers, especially children, about what it takes to consistently produce safe, nutritious dairy products.

Solebury Orchards
Beginning in 1985, Solebury Orchards grew into forty-five acres of apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums and berries. Their cider can be found for sale throughout the Delaware River Valley and is a terrific accompaniment to orchard tours ... or cider doughnuts.


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