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This unfiltered Pilsner style beer originates in the Franconian region in northern Bavaria. It’s characterized by its cloudy appearance due to the presence of yeast. 3.8% ABV

Amber Ale

Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet, malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 5.0% ABV


In the Franconian town of Bamberg they still kiln their malt over beechwood fires, saturating the grain with woodsmoke flavor. “Smoke beer” is a powerful taste and the Franconians say you have to drink five liters before you can truly appreciate it. 5.8% ABV

Imperial Stout

To appeal to the hard drinking populace of Czarist Russia, English brewers developed this very strong and rich style of beer. Black and viscous, and heavily hopped, it became a favorite of the Imperial court, from which it takes its name. 9.4%

New England IPA

Hazy appearance with a bright hop aroma. Dry hopped three times with Mosaic and Simcoe hops for a fruity and juicy IPA without being overly bitter. 7.0% ABV

Winter Warmer

Dark, malty ale brewed with local honey and a blend of spices including Grains of Paradise, black pepper, allspice and vanilla. 7/6% ABV

Scotch Ale

Served on the hand pump. Also known as “Wee Heavy,” Scotch Ale is a big, malty beer. It features full, round flavors of caramelized and roasted malts with a very low level of bitterness. 8.3% ABV

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