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What's on Tap


This unfiltered Pilsner style beer originates in the Franconian region in northern Bavaria. It is characterized by its cloudy appearance due to the presence of yeast. 4.6%

Bohemian Pilsner

About a hundred and fifty years ago a new style of beer, the granddaddy of clear pale lagers, arose in the Bohemian town of Pilsen. To get that authentic Old World taste, we use genuine Saaz hops imported from the Czech Republic. 5.7%

American Pale Ale

Mellow, fruity hops and graham cracker sweetness combine in moderation for this clean and balanced classic American pale ale. 6.0%


Made from a 50% wheat mash and fermented with a special strain of yeast, its complex flavor, with notes of clove and banana, is unique in the world of beer. 5.5%


Belgian "white beer" is a marvelously refreshing, hazy, wheat beer. Ours is subtly flavored with coriander and citrus in the traditional Belgian style. 5.5%

Bengal Gold IPA

Our house IPA brewed with pale malt, oats, candi sugar and finished with a blend of American hops. 7.7%

New England IPA

Hazy appearance with a bright hop aroma. Dry hopped twice with Mosaic, Nugget, and Citra hops for a fruit juicy IPA without the bitterness. 7.4%

Irish Mild

In contrast to English Bitter, mild ale is recognized by its more subdued hop bitterness and lower alcohol content. Liberal use of dark roasted malts in this easy-drinking session beer provide warm notes of dark toast, caramel and nuts. 4.6%

Black Lager

A light, crisp, black German lager with subtle roasted notes. 5.1%

Belgian Strong Pale Ale

The name says it all, this offering is made with Candi sugar and Belgian ale yeast for a high alcohol content and a fruity, spicy character. 8.2%

Extra Special Bitter

Our homage to the Extra Special Bitters of England packs plenty of flavor from both malt and hops. Served in the traditional British style at cellar temperature. 5.9%

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