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This unfiltered Pilsner style beer originates in the Franconian region in northern Bavaria. It is characterized by its cloudy appearance due to the presence of yeast. 4.9%


This malty German ale originating from Dusseldorf undergoes a long, cold maturation period for a clean yet full-bodied beer. 5.0%

American Pale Ale

Mellow, fruity hops and graham cracker sweetness combine in moderation for this clean and balanced classic American pale ale. 5.8%

Smoked Lager

This lager is brewed with a large proportion of smoked malt from Bamberg, Germany, where it is still kilned over beechwood fires, a practice largely lost to modern methods. Locals there say it takes five liters to truly appreciate classic rauchbier, but we find its rewards are far more immediate. 6.2%

Farmhouse Saison

A dry and effervescent rustic Belgian-style ale with spice, earth, and fruit notes as well as a subtle acidity. 5.8%

Bengal Gold IPA

Our house IPA brewed with pale malt, oats, candi sugar and finished with a blend of American hops. 6.7%

Haze Project #4

This latest iteration of our New England IPA series is brewed with loads of hops du jour Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin for a massive aroma of tropical fruit and lime. We nixed the lactose and toned-down the alcohol this time for a leaner, more sessionable beer while still achieving the style’s signature intensity. 6.2%

Amber Ale

Pacific-Northwest style, its sweet, malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 4.8%

London Porter

Although porter was immensely popular in nineteenth century London, there came a time when the style was nearly forgotten. Ours is a smooth dark session beer that you will always remember. 6.2%

Brunch Stout

It's everything you've ever wanted in a stout and much, much more. Oatmeal, milk sugar, cocoa and our house-blend coffee, all in imperial proportions. So big and rich, it's like two meals in a glass. 9.7%

Best Bitter

This naturally-conditioned bitter in the Burton-on-Trent style brings you the authentic flavor of an English pub. 5.3%

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